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Mitigating Business Risk and Driving Business Value with Behavior-Based AI Security

idc.JPGArtificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a prominent technology in cybersecurity applications. This IDC Vendor Spotlight examines the advances in and recent uses of AI in cybersecurity as well as the role of Lastline in this important market.

The report offers an evaluation of AI-powered security capabilities that is required to understand what the technology can and should offer in practice in place of what it could be in theory.

The report explains:

  • How new technologies and hype generate inflated expectations
  • AI reinforced with security-specific behavioral analysis improved accuracy of threat detection
  • How efficiency improves analyst effectiveness, which in turn drives business value
  • Trends in applying AI to cybersecurity, including how threat actors will adapt and will force maturation of AI technologies
  • Lastline’s capabilities and challenges, as evaluated by IDC analysts

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“AI security solutions that leverage a deep understanding of malicious behaviors can deliver superior detection accuracy and, by extension, may improve security analysts' efficiency and effectiveness.”
“A key benefit of a behavior-based AI security solution is to align security expertise more appropriately, empowering junior analysts to be more productive and senior analysts to focus on the most urgent cases.”

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