A Network Detection and Response Platform that Includes IDPS
Some security experts have prophesied the demise of traditional Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) for almost 20 years, but this cornerstone of network security continues to soldier on. While next-generation firewalls have added IDPS functionality, they are driven more by policies than true threat detection. IDPS's slow inspection has stymied attempts to add it to modern Advanced Threat Detection solutions. As we approach 2020, a viable and more attractive alternative to IDPS, Network Detection and Response (NDR), has emerged.


This webinar will discuss how NDR not only provides IDPS functionality, but also has solved many of its shortcomings, including:
  • An exponential reduction in false positives using AI trained on both network traffic and malicious behaviors
  • Context and analysis to determine whether attacks are relevant
  • Visibility into threats coming into and operating within the network
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