EMA Report: Security Analytics for Threat Detection: Top 3 Report and Decision Guide

EMA_logo.pngIndustry analyst firm Enterprise Management Group (EMA) has named Lastline as a “Top 3” vendor for:

  • Detecting Lateral Movement
  • Identifying Advanced Threats
  • Ransomware Detection

This EMA report helps decision-makers select analytics tools that best address high-priority use cases, providing a short list of vendors that EMA has vetted and whose products emerged as most effective for addressing each use case. This guide was developed from EMA’s detailed analysis of the solutions, drawing upon hundreds of product briefings, case studies, and demonstrations.

EMA Top 3 Report_Cover.png .... The report provides an overview of Security Analytics, evaluation methodology, how the use cases were selected, a description of EMA Top 3 Reports, and the use cases for which Lastline was identified as a top provider.

For each use case, EMA provides the following for use in the selection process:

  • Quick Take – This is an overview of the use case, why it is important, and how the solutions address it.
  • Buyer’s Note – Key considerations prospective buyers should be aware of, and questions they should ask during the evaluation process.

Download your copy to read about the three high-priority use cases for which Lastline was identified as a Top 3 vendor: Detecting Lateral Movement, Identifying Advanced Threats, and Ransomware Detection.

About EMA:
Founded in 1996, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is a leading industry analyst and consulting firm that specializes in going “beyond the surface” to provide deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies.

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