WEBINAR: 2019 Predictions

Are you ready for 2019 cybersecurity attacks?

Join Dr. Giovanni Vigna, Lastline co-founder and CTO, and one of the top security researchers in the world, to learn about his cybersecurity predictions for 2019.

Every year, cybersecurity specialists predict that the coming year will bring larger, more sophisticated attacks. And every year, they're right. 2019 will likely be no different, but this prediction is hardly actionable. What you need to read are predictions that focus your efforts where they will help you defend against these anticipated, more sophisticated attacks.

Join Giovanni to learn what’s in store for 2019, including:

  • Why AI will be increasingly important in cybersecurity
  • New security solutions driven by the migration to the public cloud
  • Creative abuse of health-related data (such as Fitbits)

Watch this Webinar

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