Breach Detection Systems in 2017 Webinar

Research reports that cybercrime will cost businesses over 2 trillion dollars globally by 2019. To prepare for this threat, enterprises must go above and beyond traditional security systems, including those offering the latest sandbox appliances, firewalls, and IPS. Breach Detection Systems, which protect your company from advanced threats and zero-day attacks, provide the following essential features:

  • Dynamic analysis
  • Identify indicators of compromise (IoC) and indicators of attack (IoA)
  • Focus on previously unknown and/or highly targeted malicious content

NSS Labs evaluated nine security products from seven vendors for their ability to detect malicious files, documents, and behaviors.

You'll hear from Jason Pappalexis, Research Director at NSS and learn:

  • What defines a breach detection system
  • Market growth and enterprise drivers to implement
  • NSS Labs Test Methodology and Results
  • What is important to consider prior to purchasing
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Breach Detection Systems in 2017 Webinar

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