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We know how disruptive and time-consuming it can be to add new security technologies to your network. Fortunately, Lastline Enterprise was engineered to integrate quickly into your existing security controls and processes, delivering unmatched protection, few false positives, low TCO and bi-directional data integration.    

Lastline Enterprise™ accelerates and simplifies your security team’s ability to detect and respond to advanced malware. Its unique Deep Content Inspection™ detects the advanced malware that evade other “advanced” security tools like sandboxes and NGFWs, and catalogs all of the malware’s malicious behavior. Adding it to your network will quickly give you the visibility and context you need to protect your network from advanced malware.

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  • How Lastline Enterprise rapidly detects and responds to malicious content and behavior before it results in a damaging data breach
  • How it collects and extracts unknown objects from across your network (such as web traffic, email, and file sharing)
  • How Lastline Enterprise integrates bi-directionally with existing security tools
  • How it detects threats that other tools miss

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