Effective Response to Asymmetrical Warfare

Sophisticated attacks require sophisticated defenses.

This AsymmetricalWarfare_cover.pngreport is a sequel to our 2018 report on Asynchronous Warfare. The original explained the challenge that security organizations face when defending against cyberattacks designed to weaken Western economies. This sequel reiterates the key foundation presented in the original, and presents detailed recommendations for how to combat the persistent threat presented by asymmetrical warfare.

Content includes:

  • The concept of asymmetry as a cyberwarfare strategy, and how it's designed to cause economic damage to the West
  • An effective response, which includes waking up to the situation, raising the bar for best practices and regulation, and pushing for more sophisticated defenses
  • An examination of the Aerospace Industrial Association's National Aerospace Standard 9933 as representative of the level of defense that is needed across all industries

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