Lastline is donating its Analyst product to help any organization during these times.
Lastline is donating the use of its Analyst product until June 30 to all businesses and organizations in order to help you stop the attackers who are continuing to create new malicious campaigns exploiting the current crisis.
During these chaotic times threat actors hope to find an employee off-guard and willing to open a malicious attachment. In many outbreaks, malware only needs that single initial foothold to launch a catastrophic attack inside your environment and grind your systems to a halt.
Lastline Analyst provides your threat analysts and incident response teams with the advanced malware isolation and inspection environment they need to safely execute advanced malware samples and understand their behavior. Your security team gets the benefit of the Lastline team’s years of research on evasive malware. Lastline Analyst puts the combined expertise of our internationally recognized experts on advanced malware at your team’s fingertips.
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