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Download the Malscape® Monitor Report today to align your organization’s detection capabilities with benchmarking data of the ever-changing malware landscape.

Findings include:

  • One in 12 malware samples analyzed by Lastline exhibited four specific advanced persistent threat capabilities: evasion, packing, stealing, and stealth.
  • Ninety percent of malicious programs analyzed by Lastline were classified by AV tools with generic labels that provide limited guidance for effective remediation.
  • Sixty-five percent of malware files analyzed by Lastline were new variants in that they had never been submitted to VirusTotal and were seen only once by Lastline.

In Q4 2017, the Lastline Global Threat Intelligence Network received tens of millions of unknown objects from its customers and partners to analyze. Lastline received those submissions only after they had been scanned and released by other more traditional security mechanisms such as firewalls and secure web and email gateways.

These submitted files represent the threats that commonly slip through other security controls and cause damage to corporate networks. In response, Lastline provides “The Last Line of Defense®” by detecting threats contained in those few files that carry the greatest cyber risk.

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