See first-hand how Lastline delivers network threat detection you can act on.
SOC teams are often overwhelmed by the high volume of low-fidelity alerts generated by their security controls. Our Lastline Defender demo will show you the power of our Network Detection and Response platform to reduce petabytes of network traffic down to just a handful of intrusions.


During our demo, you’ll see how Lastline Defender:

  • Uses machine learning to determine which events are anomalies and which are truly malicious
  • Provides a high-fidelity understanding of threats targeting your hosts
  • Delivers complete visibility across all attack stages
  • Blocks threats before they disrupt your business
Lastline Defender delivers detection you can act on with a significantly increased accuracy of prioritized alerts that other solutions fail to provide. 
Don’t let your SOC team waste another minute on false positives while real threats go undetected.
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