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Lastline Email Defender-Cloud™ blocks the advanced threats in Office 365 Mail and Gmail.

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Lastline Email Defender-Cloud is an extra layer of security that installs in minutes and protects Office 365 Mail and Gmail against sophisticated threats.

Microsoft email security stops basic threats but leaves your users unprotected against many advanced threats including:

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Phishing Campaigns

Ransomware Attacks

Business Email Compromise Scams

Account Takeover

Four Reasons to Add Lastline Email Defender-Cloud:

  • Better Protection: Office 365 Mail blocks only some threats, and misses advanced threats like ransomware, crypto-mining, credential stealing, business email compromise (BEC), spear-phishing, and account takeover (ATO)
  • Faster deployment: You can start protecting your users sooner with advanced security that is completely transparent to them.
  • Greater Efficiency: Better blocking of advanced threats in email frees up your overworked security team to focus on other high priority threats to your network
  • Broader Security: Automatically inspect inbound, outbound, and internal email for malicious attachments and URLs

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Respond Faster to Advanced Threats

Lastline Email Defender-Cloud delivers market leading visibility and detection accuracy, enabling you to respond faster to the threat before a data breach occurs. Your security team can respond to alerts with certainty, eliminating the need to investigate generic alerts for potential false positives.

Defeat Phishing Campaigns with Machine Learning

In order to catch the more advanced attacks, Lastline utilizes a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes 300+ indicators in each email by looking at each email component including:

  • Headers
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Links
  • Content the links point to
  • Zero fonts

Prevent Credential Theft and Account Takeover

Lastline Email Defender-Cloud analyzes login and account activity to block account takeover and credential theft. It correlates login events with past activity based on:

  • Geography
  • Time of day
  • Sending outgoing phishing emails
  • Sending a high volume of emails
  • Sending emails with multiple recipients

By correlating these indicators through another machine learning filter, Lastline Email Defender-Cloud flags compromised accounts while minimizing false alerts.

Block Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks start with a spear-phishing attack or spoofed emails targeted at specific executives. Lastline Email Defender-Cloud blocks BEC attacks by detecting when a similar sender exists in the organization with a different email address. It also verifies the identity of the sender by cross-referencing several fields in the email including the sender and the signature at the bottom of the email.

Deploy Proven Protection Against Advanced Threats

Lastline’s proven technology protects millions of users around the world from advanced malware attacks. The same technology that earned 100% percent security effectiveness in NSS Labs Breach Detection Group Test protects your Office 365 Mail users from advanced threats.

Improve Security without Complexity

Lastline Email Defender-Cloud gives you maximum protection and low TCO. Attackers can easily fool Microsoft Office 365 Mail (even with Microsoft ATP) with a range of techniques:

  • Traditional anti-phishing techniques are inadequate to prevent BEC attacks.
  • Lack of outbound and internal email scanning misses ATO threats
  • Fileless malware attacks evade signature-based protection

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